Last Bridge to Baghdad【電子書籍】[ Jacques Evans ]


<p>During the first Gulf War an Iraqi army professional soldier, Captain Ahmed Al-Zawiri, incurs a lifetime hatred for the United States. In possession of a stolen, silencer equipped pistol, issued to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (SOCOM), he leaves Iraq and begins a career as a hit man for a drug cartel.</p> <p>After Ahmed threatens the cartel's accountant, he realizes his mistake and leaves before he feels the cartel's wrath. Weeks after Ahmed arrives in Pakistan, he joins al-Qaeda and is placed in charge of a military style terrorist training camp in Afghanistan.</p> <p>When Ahmed learns SOCOM is on his trail he wastes no time and heads for the mountains near the Pakistan border. A Special Force team locates him in a cave deep in the Hindu Kush unaware that Ahmed is planning an ambush.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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